We recently spoke to Samantha Cusick, entrepreneur and owner of Samantha Cusick London on how she became a champion of her craft and built her successful salon business through determination and hard work.saam

Hi Sam!

In line with International Women’s Day – which women inspire you?

SC: I am constantly inspired and motivated by so many amazing women. There are so many women who are killing it in so many ways, it’s hard to narrow it down.

My girlfriends are a constant source of inspiration to me, one of which gave me a copy of the book #GirlBoss by Sophie Amoruso. The book really spoke to me and gave me the inspiration I needed to set up Samantha Cusick London.

Why do you think it’s important for women to support each other?

SC: Nobody is going to respect us if we don’t respect one another. We have enough to face as a gender so it’s vital we stand together and support one another. There is such a massive girl-gang mentality and movement at the moment, it’s incredible.

Your salon, Samantha Cusick London is hugely successful – were there any challenges during your journey to where you are now?

SC: The salon has been open for 9 months now and I am so grateful it has received such a good reception – better than I could have ever wished for but it hasn’t been without its challenges.

Initially there were all sorts personal challenges, self-doubt being one of the biggest… being a young female in my 20’s, I thought ‘will anybody take me seriously?’ and never having run a business before, would it work?
Also, everyday challenges like time management and striving relentlessly to find a work/life balance (important to even a workaholic it turns out!)

saaaaWhat helped you become a champion of your craft? 

SC: Social media has played a vital part in me being able to get my work out there and share what I do. I really feel that social media is the tool women needed – a way to get ahead and be heard and we’ve absolutely nailed it.

I don’t think there are enough women getting ahead in our industry especially in the UK, you think of all the big names in hairdressing, Toni & Guy, John Frieda, Paul Mitchell and so on, where are all the girls? After all, WE are the target market! So that is a massive driving force behind me championing my craft.

I am also so lucky that I have such amazing people in my life that support me no matter what. Hair-brained schemes and all, I honestly couldn’t do it without my family and friends. They are everything!

What tips do you have for women wanting to start their own business in the industry?

SC: Don’t compromise on what you want. Believe wholeheartedly in what you are doing and go get it! Women have amazing intuition, it’s kind of our superpower so go with it!

Finally, what makes you feel confident and empowered?

SC: When I see the guys I work with enjoying the environment I created and getting a name for themselves within the industry, it’s so empowering. When your clients are posting pictures of their hair and the salon on their social platforms it feels amazing. All the hard work is worth it.

On those days (we all have) where you question and doubt everything, I always find it best to just blast Beyonce’s Lemonade album and by the time the track ‘Sorry’ plays, I’m ready to get on with everything. #Girlboss the day!

Thanks Sam!

Check out Samantha’s website here, and follow her on Instagram for hair goals all day long…